Hannah Murray, BA Fashion Communication and Promotion graduate talks about her experiences of finding a job after graduation. The day after she graduated, Hannah was working at Saatchi and Saatchi. Listen to her story to find out how she secured this role using the connections she made whilst at university.

Hannah has great advice on interview techniques, following your dreams but understanding you may have to make sacrifices, how to build relationships with potential employers and making the most out of what you learn at university.



Tracy Satchwill, MA Communication Design graduate, has much experience applying for funding applications, residencies and art commissions. Listen to this episode to hear some top tips and also find out how to use social media to build your network.

Website: www.tracysatchwill.com

Vimeo: vimeo.com/satchwill


Melissa Russell, BA Games Art and Design graduate got her career break after trying different roles. Listen to this episode to get inspired to keep working towards your dream career. With resilience and hard work, it is possible to succeed in the creative industries.

Melissa's Instagram

Melissa's Facebook

Dibs McCallum, BA & MA Photography graduate, has built his career doing what he loves most. Listen to this episode to hear great advice on how to build your career around the things you love, getting yourself organised and how to win awards.

Website: dibsphotography.com

Instagram: @photographer_dibs

Facebook: dibsphotographer

Kamara Archer, BA Graphic Communication graduate talks to Jake about the importance of transferable skills, being yourself when applying for jobs and looking after yourself when things are not going according to plan. Listen to this episode to be inspired to pursue your dreams, continue to be creative and to know when to ask for help.


Rosie-May Greenbank, BA Textiles graduate talks to Jake about what she's been up to since graduating from Norwich University of the Arts. Wanting to start a career in heritage weaving, she has a difficult task ahead. Hear her story about how she has found opportunities and learnt to be patient about getting the job she wants.

Instagram: @Rosiemaysworld 

Ollie Hirst, BA Illustration graduate talks about how he developed his creative practice after leaving university by using the tools he had available to him. He also discusses with Jake how to be pro-active in your approach to finding work opportunities and making your own luck.

Website: www.olliehirst.co.uk

Instagram: @olliehirstillustration

Kazz Morohashi, MA Communication Design Graduate talks to Jake and Catherine about how she gets inspired to start new creative projects and to finish old ones, she provides great advice on how to raise funds to support an art project and how to keep in touch with fellow graduates post-university.

Website: kazzmorohashi.com

Instagram: @kazzmorohashi

Norwich University of the Arts MA Moving Image and Sound graduates, Luke Green and Fraser Brown have paired up to create start-up animation company Studio Goblin. Listen to this episode to hear a story of collaboration and advice on the practicalities of starting up a business, including dealing with clients, how to price your services and how to approach a team's strengths and weaknesses.

Studio Goblin (Instagram)
Studio Goblin (Linkedin)

Laura Hiscock, BA Graphic Design graduate talks about her experiences of internships after graduating from university. She talks about how to make the most of your experience of working as an intern, when to ask about permanent employment and what signs to look out for to find out if it's time to move on...


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